Board Members

The One Foundation Australia acts as a trustee for all the great development work that we do, funded by our profits from Global Ethics (Australia). We have fantastic Board Members, who determine how and where the funds that come into The One Foundation Australia are spent. They do one good thing by giving their time willingly to make a real difference to the lives of many people.

Symon Simmons

Chairman, Global Ethics (Australia)
Chairman, The One Foundation Australia

Symon Simmons, Chairman Global Ethics Australia
Symon was instrumental in establishing One in Australia, having founded The One Foundation Australia, and currently oversees the Australian One team. He has a passion for social enterprise enabling real change through infrastructure projects in developing countries.

He has had success in a wide range of businesses in the financial services and technology industries, and his talent for business and financial management makes him a great asset to both our Boards. Symon is married and can often be found enjoying time at the soccer field with his three young boys (who all drink One Water of course!)

Duncan Goose

Founder, Global Ethics Group
Board Member, The One Foundation Australia

Duncan Goose, Founder, Global Ethics
Duncan is the founder of the Global Ethics Group, and the brains behind the whole idea. His vision: to create products which could be sold, and profits used to directly fund like-for-like humanitarian projects. He runs Global Ethics UK and wants to expand the group on a global scale, replicating it in many different sectors‚ including FMCG, healthcare, hygiene, finance and technology. Duncan has won a number of awards for his work, everything from a Greatest Living Briton award to European Entrepreneur of the Year.

Duncan lives in London with his wife, young family and their dog. He enjoys using his honorary doctorate title ‘Dr Duncan Goose’ awarded by Sunderland University, when filling out forms.

Creel Price

Board Member, The One Foundation Australia
Creel Price
Creel Price is a true social entrepreneur who ‘retired’ in 2007 after having launched 10 businesses in ten years in the financial services, insurance, call centre, recruitment, marketing, training and e-commerce industries.

Creel has been a business ambassador for One since we arrived in Australia, and now sits on the board of The One Foundation Australia. Creel is a true believer in the business model that combines commerce with doing good. You can find out more about his various passionate and adventurous entrepreneurial activities on his website.

Tony Harris

Board Member, The One Foundation Australia
Tony Harris
Tony has been a business ambassador to One for a number of years. A financial businessman and entrepreneur, Tony provides help and assistance to the business on an ongoing basis.

Tony has increasingly sought and finds deeply rewarding, opportunities to pursue his life-long interest in Community Welfare, where he has a proven track record of getting things done, strong relevant technical knowledge, unbridled enthusiasm and commitment and a drive to help make a difference.