One in Australia, 2008

The 10 minute story of One from 2008, and why the work we do is so important. This video also provides information about water issues facing those in developing countries.

Listen to Claire Goose explain the hardships many people suffer in Africa trying to reach, and carry, water for their families. Much of the time, this is done by children, so instead of getting an education, they spend their days walking miles to fetch water. And often, the water is dirty, so family members get sick. Imagine if we could make a difference…


One in Australia, 2012

Take a look at our 2012 30s advert for Australian consumers about how One Water is helping to fix water problems around the world.

This fun advert forms part of the global range of adverts across UK, America and Australia, and explains how you can do one good thing simply by buying one good thing!


One Water, What’s New Ad, 2011

Our 2011 One Water 30s advert for Australian consumers.

Filmed with the support of What’s New, this advert is an example of advertising for socially responsible, or ethical products. It provides an example of why it is important to provide the story behind the product, rather than the product itself.