Our Work in Australia

Many of our supporters want us to help those needing access to water in Australia as well as elsewhere in the world. Below is some information about our first project in Australia.

Kabulwarnamyo, Northern Territory

Kabulwarnamyo is around 650km from Darwin, and is isolated from road access for around 6 months of the year.


We have worked with the indigenous land management not-for-profit company, Warddeken Land Management Limited in the Northern Territory to provide water security to the outstation of Kabulwarnamyo.

Basic infrastructure, at the remote Warddeken headquarters at Kabulwarnmayo on the Arnhem Land Plateau, was lacking prior to the recent upgrades provided. Improvised shelters, with water pumped to a small tank on a timber stand were all the infrastructure in place, and until the water project undertaken in February 2013, there was no plumbing to dispose of greywater.



This project brought together visiting builder Chris Bald (fifth from right) and qualified indigenous plumber Neville Namarnyilk (third from left) to create two shower and laundry sites. Local materials were used where available. The project began in early 2013, and was completed in September with the installation of large storage tanks to provide for all the irrigation and household water needs of the residents.



The community wishes to pass on their thanks to all those across Australia who have bought One Water, allowing One to provide this financial assistance supporting one of Australia’s most remote communities, struggling to stay on traditional country and build a future. One is very proud to have begun our support of water projects in Australia, and delighted that the outcomes were not just providing infrastructure, but also providing real hands-on learning about bush-building techniques by all involved in the project.


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