Our Work in Asia

The One Family works across the globe, in places where access to clean water is needed the most. From Australia, we have previously funded projects in Africa, but more recently responded to our customers in funding work closer to home – both in Asia and at home in Australia too. We also fund water-specific assistance in emergency situations when it is appropriate to do so.

Papua New Guinea


Working with our partners The Kokoda Track Foundation, we are providing water infrastructure in Papua New Guinea – Australia’s nearest neighbour. You can read more about the relationship between our two countries on their website, including the special relationship between ANZACs and the ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’.

We are specifically funding water infrastructure for two exciting projects – Kokoda College and Buna Aid Post. Kokoda College, a fantastic project, will train teachers and health workers for the Kokoda region and beyond, helping improve the lives of thousands of Papuan people. Buna Aid Post provides vital healthcare services to 12 remote catchment communities, seeing between 50-70 patients a day. Access to clean water is essential to providing the care these patients require.



There often isn’t access to safe, clean water in rural areas. Drinking dirty water is a major cause of disease, and forces people to spend scarce money on medical treatment. The time spent collecting water, and being sick means people can’t work or get an education.

Over the past two years, we have funded the installation & repair of wells, piping and storage tanks; provided families with water filters and also installed handwashing stations at schools, backed up with hygiene education programs. We have helped in over 70 rural communities in Takeo and Kratie provinces with our partners Oxfam Australia.

The Philippines


Through the sales of One Water, we have funded five SkyHydrant™ water filtration units, which are being used on Siargao Island in the Philippines, producing up to 700 litres of clean water per hour. We planned to also install units in Cebu, but following the devastation of the earthquake and typhoon in late 2013, we have diverted those units to Siargao also.

The units are transportable, serving over 30,000 residents on the island. We also funded the provision of training for SkyHydrant maintenance and quality control, as well as entrepreneur mentoring, coaching and support, and community health and hygiene education.

Read about our emergency response to Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

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