Our Work in Africa

When we started One in Australia in 2009, we were working closely with our UK parent company. As they had been funding projects in Africa for some time, we joined them in doing the same good thing.


We funded a number of water projects in Malawi and Lesotho in Africa. These projects were based in schools, so that access would be open to all, and so that children would be at the centre of what we were doing. Kids no longer had to walk for kilometres to collect water and instead could go to school and get an education.

Our UK colleagues continue to grow and use their funds for work in Africa. They have funded major projects in Malawi, South Africa, Lesotho, East Africa (during the 2012 East Africa Crisis) and in Angola. Find out more about the work of The One Foundation.

Don’t forget, every time you buy a bottle of One Water, you are helping to fund these fantastic, life-changing projects.
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