Emergency Response

Oxfam, together with One, reach thousands in Nepal after devastating earthquakes

In April 2015 Nepal was hit with two earthquakes within days of each other, and then many after shocks which damaged or destroyed around 750,000 homes leaving 2.8 million people homeless. In response, One quickly donated funds and Oxfam used their connections and facilities in the region to reach those most in need.

11,000 Liter Water Tank

Some examples of where our funds were best utlised include the provision of clean cholorinated water, building the latrines and distribution of hygiene kits in an attempt to minimise the threat of disease in Kathmandu and the surrounding Kathmandu Valley. Also in the Sindhupalchok region Oxfam used the donations to set up a 10,000 litre bladder tank and dug emergency pit toilets to supply a field hospital with clean water and sanitation.

Oxfam are continuing their support in the region with their most urgent priority to supply clean water, hygiene materials and education on prevention of the spreading of disease. In the long term, Oxfam will continue to help the people of Nepal to return to some semblance of normal life.

One Water helps Red Cross to support the Vanuatu Cyclone Pam Appeal.

One Water helps Red Cross to support the Vanuatu Cyclone Pam Appeal
The 13th March 2015 was a day of devastation for the island of Vanuatu, when a category 5 storm, including winds up to 250km per hour, destroyed homes leaving 65,000 people in need of shelter. One Water was part of an enormous community in Australia that generously donated funds to provide support for those in need.

With the funds provided by One and others, Red Cross reached tens of thousands with relief supplies including hygiene supplies, water containers and kitchen equipment. They also provided safe drinking water and began the slow process of restoring sanitation facilities to prevent disease outbreaks.

One Water helps Red Cross to support the Vanuatu Cyclone Pam Appeal.
Since March Red Cross have continued to support the communities in all parts of the Pacific to be ready for cyclones, floods and other disasters. They have trained emergency response teams, prepared relief supplies and put contingency plans in place for any future disasters that may affect the region.

A huge thank you to Red Cross for their efforts and providing the information you have read here.

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One supports Oxfam Australia’s relief efforts in the Philippines

One donated urgent funds to help on the ground in the Philippines. Oxfam estimated this helped to provide over 2,000 people with clean, safe drinking water sources, and hygiene kits to protect them from disease at this critical time.

As explained on this clip from 7 News, the recent Typhoon Haiyan was one of the most powerful storms ever recorded. There were 11.3 million people affected and more than 700,000 people displaced in the Philippines. Immediate needs on the ground were food, shelter, water and basic sanitation.

Typhoon-Haiyan-pictureHere at One, we know the importance of clean, safe water. Over the past two years, One has supported Oxfam Australia’s long-term, sustainable water projects in Asia.

In the wake of this natural disaster, Oxfam has worked in the affected areas, and will be remaining in the region to continue ongoing work as the people there rebuild their lives.

We used the profits from the sale of One Water. to fund our initial donation, and then the profits for one month from sales of One Water at Dan Murphys. Our UK colleagues also responded to Typhoon Haiyan, which you can read about here.

One has also funded ongoing water projects in the Philippines.

With thanks to Oxfam for the information provided.