What is One all about?

The idea is a really simple one. We sell everyday products here in Australia, and 100% of our profits are donated to fund like-for-like development projects in developing countries and at home in Australia. Read more about our story here.


Where can I read further information about products?

Here in Australia, we sell One Water. Keep an eye out on our website, and on Facebook and Twitter for more information about our next products coming soon.


Where can I buy your products from?

In Australia, we are really pleased to have the support of Dan Murphy’s, and you can buy One Water from Dan Murphy’s all across the country. You can also find us at some great little cafes and restaurants, and independent stores. Let us know here where you have seen One Water so we can give them a shout out!

If you are interested in reselling or distributing our products, please contact us here.


How can I stock One Water?

If you would like to find out more about stocking One Water, please contact us here


What is The One Foundation Australia?

You can read more about The One Foundation Australia, which distributes our profits to water projects, here.


Which implementation partners do you work with?

The Kokoda Track Foundation

This Australian organisation carries out development work in Papua New Guinea, our closest neighbour, building on the relationship built between our two countries during World War II. 
Read more about their work.

Oxfam Australia

Oxfam is a leading international NGO with a worldwide reputation for excellence in the delivery of aid and development work. Read more about their work..

SkyJuice Foundation
SkyJuice is an Australian organisation providing innovative water filter solutions all across the world. Their work includes SkyHydrant filters, and SkyBoxes, serving hundreds of thousands of people. Read more about their work.


Wardekken Land Management is our first implementation partner in Australia. They employ Aboriginal rangers to assist in the protection and management of their country, combining traditional ecological knowledge with western science. Read more about their work.


How much money goes to your projects?

We donate 100% of our profits to fund water projects where they are needed the most, so we can’t give a ‘cents per bottle’ answer, which is what we wanted to do when we started out. So the exact amount varies depending on how many people buy our products, and our continuing efforts to reduce costs. So far we have given away over $12m globally (from sales in Australia, the US and the UK), so rest assured that we don’t take a penny profit, that all goes to where it’s needed most.


How can I make a donation to The One Foundation Australia?

We are investigating a site which will allow people to make a donation directly to our work, look out for more information coming soon.


Where is your water from?

One Water is 100% Australian Premium Spring Water. It comes from a natural mineral water spring in New South Wales.


How do you transport One Water?

We transport our products the same way everyone else does, by truck and rail where appropriate. We do NOT import our water from distant shores. Instead, we bottle it locally in New South Wales and then deliver to regional hubs around the country.


If you are so concerned about world water issues, how can you sell bottled water?

One is a not-for-profit business, operating in the corporate world, in the most ethical way possible, to make money to give to those people who need it the most. 
The reality is that the market is worth billions of dollars, and it’s a market where healthy profits are made. As with all our products lines, our mission is to use those profits for causes that address the imbalance in our world, rather than making money for shareholders.

We are not saying buy our water instead of using tap water; we are saying if you are going to buy bottled water, buy One Water and do one good thing at the same time. And it adds up – so far, One has raised over $12m globally and positively changed the lives of over two million people around the world.

All our water is sourced locally in the country of sale, so water sold in Australia is bottled here and in the UK comes from our own spring in Wales. Our bottles are recyclable.


What are your bottles made of?

Our bottles are made of PET, and are BPA free, bought from an Australian company (so not imported). We are always looking for ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use.
 There are no quick wins to this, but we are moving in the right direction. And we work closely with our manufacturers to look at the best long term, sustainable, environmental options, rather than a quick fix solution.


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