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End of 2013 Chairman’s Message

It’s been another amazing year at One. We have had great success in funding projects across Asia, and here at home in Australia. When you bought One Water in 2013, you helped to fund:

– Our work in Cambodia, through Oxfam’s WASH program, which continues to deliver clean water, sanitation and hygiene to tens of thousands of people in poverty;

– Our work with our newest partners, the Kokoda Track Foundation, to supply water infrastructure into greatly needed teaching facilities in Papua New Guinea, supporting giving the locals a chance at an education and the ability to improve their own lives;

– Our work in the Philippines, where we have funded transportable water filters to provide clean filtered water to thousands of villagers across Siargao Island;

– Our work in Australia with Wardekken, where we provided water security to the remote indigenous community of Kabulwarnyarmo in the Northern Territory.

The One Foundation Australia logo
Also this year, we launched our first emergency response. When Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, we helped over 2,000 people with funds from One Water sold at Woolworths, and from your donations made online too. Read more about it here.

Globally, One has raised over $12m and changed over 2 million lives. We are all part of something special. I would like to thank all our supporters, especially those people and organisations who donate their time and skills to helping us do what we do. To our team, Mike, Nick, Nikki and Ruth, huge thanks for your efforts during challenging commercial times.

In 2014 we have plans for exciting new projects, so keep your eyes peeled. On behalf of our team, and the board of The One Foundation Australia, thanks for your support, and I wish you and your families a safe, happy and relaxing festive season, and a prosperous 2014.

Symon Simmons
Chairman, The One Foundation Australia

Mother’s Day in Cambodia


As you probably already know, we’re funding essential water projects in Cambodia – providing clean water and water education to communities who really need it.

Recently, the One team travelled to Kratie Province in Cambodia to meet with some of those who have benefitted from our work – and the vast majority of them are mothers. We’ve found that when we help to form women’s groups to plan the work in the community, they focus on the essential basics – hygiene, clean water, education and the family.

The One team met with two women’s groups in two villages, who have applied for funding for water projects, discussed and agreed the best options for wells and water filters in their village, and meet regularly to ensure that everyone in the village is aware of the actions they need to take to stay safe from disease.


Til’s Story

One of the mothers we spoke to was Til, pictured here. Til works as a farmer in the village, volunteers as a health promoter, and has six children. Her hope for the future is to have good hygiene and for her family to be healthy. The overwhelming reason the women gave for what they do was to provide a better life for their kids. Sound familiar?

Mums all over the world, regardless of where we live it seems, are doing everything they can to help us grow, succeed and stay safe.

Celebrate World Water Day with One Water!

UN World Water Day 2013 Logo

Today, 22nd March, marks UN World Water Day. The theme for 2013 is Water Cooperation. The demand for water has continued to grow – for food production, energy, industrial use and domestic use. It is important to strike a balance between the different needs and priorities of every community and share this precious resource equally.

Nearly 900 million people don’t have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion don’t have access to adequate sanitation. We are part of the ongoing work to reduce these numbers, and you can help.

How you can help

100% of our profits from the sale of One Water fund water projects where they are needed the most. The focus of our work is to ensure that the projects are most appropriate for the location and sustainable for the long term. When you buy One Water, you are doing one good thing, providing water for someone in need.

In Australia, we are thankful

Here in Australia, we are lucky that fresh, safe water is so easily accessible. World Water Day is a day to be thankful, but it is also important to think about those who have no choice but to give up an education or employment to have clean water. There is good news; together we can make a difference. This World Water Day, we invite you to do one good thing and take action to raise awareness of water issues around the world.

You can find out more about UN World Water Day by following this link

One Australia has refreshed its image

We are focusing our online presence around our motto, do one good thing. We know people want to help, but giving money or volunteering your time isn’t always possible. Everyone can do one good thing just by making a choice. Make the switch because when you drink One, the world drinks too.

Get connected with us:

Together by doing one good thing we can provide water to those that need it most. We know that 400 million children in developing countries do not have access to safe drinking water. That’s 1 in 5 children. Do one good thing and help those that need it most have easy access to clean drinking water, allowing children to attend school instead of walking for hours collecting water.

What one good thing can you do today? Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Encourage your favourite café to stock One Water (if it doesn’t already!)
  • Buy a bottle of One Water from your nearest Woolworths. Each time you buy a bottle of One Water, 100% of our profits go towards funding water projects where they are really needed the most.
  • Tweet a message of support to One Water. Ambassador @JamesOConnor832 on Melbourne Rebels game days.
  • World Water Day is coming up on Friday 22nd March 2013. This is the International Year of Water Cooperation. Find out how you can get involved here.

We have exciting news and projects coming soon and more details will be heading your way shortly. Get connected to be first to know.

One Water at Eastwood Rugby Club

On Sunday, ONE headed out to the Eastwood Rugby Club to see the team beat Sydney University. Another win the Woodies can add to the list. The good thing was that the match was broadcasted live on ABC1 which provided us with additional air time. A BIG shout out to everyone at Eastwood Rugby for making this possible.

We are so grateful that clubs like Eastwood Rugby give us the opportunity to promote ONE water and change lives.

If you are interested in ordering One Water for your sports event, please get in touch with us. The more water we sell the more lives we can change!

If you missed the match, watch it on the ABC website and see if you can spot our banner! There is a great shot of the banner at about the 38th-39th minute.

Channel Swimming to raise funds for One Water Australia

Hopefully we can very soon add the names of Alistair Newmarch and Wayne Arthur to the list of successful Cross English Cross English Channel Swimmers. The two Bondi locals leave very soon for the UK and hope to be able to complete the swim around mid-August.

The Cross-English Channel Swim is not an easy challenge. Far from that. The success rate (ratio of attempts to successes) is only about 40%.

Wayne Arthur and Alistair Newmarch show their swimming briefs on the beach

Preparing for the Cross-English Channels Swim involves hours and hours of training. On their Facebook page, Ali and Wayne provide some information on their training routine. They write that it included amongst others 92 (!) weeks of 5 to 6 training sessions a week and non-stop 5am wake ups.

Because the water will be very cold (an average of 14-16 degrees), they also had to work hard on increasing their body fat percentage. So far they’ve gained both about 15% of their average body weights.

So why do we like Ali and Wayne so much? We admire them for their dedication and hard work but most of all for choosing One Water Australia as their charity. Ali and Wayne are working very hard to raise funds for us. Their goal is to raise $20.000.

We ask everyone to support Ali and Wayne. Please visit the Ali and Wayne GoFundRaise page and provide communities in Cambodia with clean, drinking water and a better future.

The One Foundation Australia changes the lives of 64,000 people in Cambodia

We have just received an update on our work in Cambodia from our FY11/12 implementation partner Oxfam Australia. Below is an overview of the main achievements. We are very proud to say there are many!

The contribution of The One Foundation Australia has benefited 20 villages in Takeo province and 51 villages in Kratie province in rural Cambodia. The total number of beneficiaries from the programme is 64,000.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone who made this possible:

  • All those shoppers who have bought a bottle of One Water, whether that is from Woolworths or your favourite local shop or coffee shop
  • Those of you in schools which now stock One Water
  • Event organisers such as The Entourage who sold water at their event recently
  • Everyone who raised funds for The One Foundation Australia
  • Our fantastic brand ambassador James O’Connor and his agency Octagon
  • And of course our corporate supporters. We especially want to mention Woolworths and Mindshare

Here are the projects which the One Australia community has contributed to in partnership with Oxfam Australia:

Water provision:

  • 3 wells constructed in Kratie Province in Sras, Trieb and Tongsaong Tleak (2)
  • 7 wells constructed in Takeo Province in Dongphuas, Samrong, Pun Tong, Se They, Donpheu, Tropeang Snor and Prey Rumpeak
  • Selection and training of Water User Groups for those communities;
  • 6 Women WASH Platforms received small grants for water project activities.

Water & hygiene safety:

  • Training in water testing for staff and purchase of Delagua kit to give community reps ownership of testing water safety themselves;
  • PHAST training for staff and 7 Government Counterparts. PHAST training for hygiene promoters in 40 villages;
  • 6 ‘Women WASH’ Platforms were awarded small grants for water project activities;
  • The prizes for a ‘hygiene drawing contest’ were awarded to the winners. 7,000 notebooks with key hygiene messages have now been distributed.

If you have any questions or if you have feedback please come over to our Facebook page or leave a reply below. We’d love to hear from you!


The One newsletter has just been released

We just sent out a brand new edition of the One email newsletter.

What do you think? Do you like our newsletter? Please come over to our Facebook page and tell us. Is there something else you would like us to write about? Are there any spelling mistakes? We hope not!

Please register to subscribe if you want to receive the next edition of the newsletter in your mailbox.

A Mother’s Day tale about a mother and clean water

This is the tale of a mother who cared very much for her children and worked very hard to give them a better future.

Word Cloud mothers day and water issues

The only problem was that she lived in a small village with no access to clean water. The village was located in a very poor region and the government did not have the money to provide for clean water for all the people in the country.

The people could not be as productive as they would like to be. Because of water related diseases they often fell ill and could not go to work and children missed out on school.

It took the mother many hours every week to fetch her family’s water.  With the other household chores, this left her very little time to do other productive work or generate an additional income for the family.

One beautiful night, the mother dreamt of having running water in her house. In her dream the kitchen and the bathroom were connected to running water. She could just get a glass out of the cupboard and fill it with fresh water. Her children would come home happily from school and drink a glass of cool, fresh water directly from the tap in the kitchen.

The mother dreamt about the better life her family would have with easy access to clean water.

Early in the morning the mother woke up and realized that having running water in her house had just been a dream. Daily reality kicked in and she told herself that she just had a very silly dream.  She then started boiling the water she had collected the night before from the well to give it to her children.

Unfortunately for her, she lives in a country where having access to clean water is not for everyone.

Do one good thing and help the mothers who are less fortunate than us by realizing their dream of clean flowing water.

We wish all the mums everywhere in the world a happy mother’s day.