World Water Day 2014

UN World Water Day, 22nd March each year.

 World Water Day 2014 Image

In 2016, the theme is ‘Water and Jobs’ and how they impact each other. In 3027 the theme is ‘Wastewater’ and 2018 ‘Nature-based solutions for water’.

The global population’s ‘bottom billion’ already face water inequity and will be most affected by this trend. Typically, limited access to a clean fresh water supply is already a daily reality. Sadly, the increase in water demand will result in more people living without access to the water they need to live.

Many organisations around the world work together, through UN-Water, in an attempt to make sure water world-wide is of good quality, to ensure all cities have water infrastructure and access to sanitation. For more information about the UN World Water Day initiative, please visit the UN site.

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