Raising money for One


Although we are not in the business of actively seeking donations, there are some of you out there who want to donate or raise funds through events, and for that we are truly grateful. If you would like to raise money through an event, please send us an email.

Do One Good Thing for Sponsorship!


An example of some great people who decided to raise money for our work are ‘Bondi locals’ Alistair Newmarch and Wayne Arthur. In 2012, they swam the English Channel in One Water, One Channel Swim, raising over $30,000. Their supporters did a fantastic job, not only of helping to raise all that money, but also in cheering the boys on as they swan from Dover to Calais!



The English Channel is the busiest shipping lane in the world, so it really was a huge undertaking! Thanks to the boys, thousands more people have access to clean, safe water in Asia. If you would like to do one good thing and raise money for us through a sponsored event, just contact us.