About Us

Who we are


Our story started in the UK in 2005, when our founder Duncan Goose had a conversation with some friends in a pub, about the one billion people in the world without access to clean water. Duncan decided to create a brand of bottled water and use 100% of the profits to fund water projects where they were needed the most. One Water was born.

Since then, we’ve grown and changed – with a fresher look, new products, and operating globally – but our ethos is still the same. Since we began, 100% of our profits have funded like-for-like projects.


We have a motto here: do one good thing. We know that people want to help in a sustainable way. So everyone can do one good thing just by making a choice at the supermarket, and buying water to provide water for someone else.

Australian One heroes

We have had so much support and help since we started in Australia in 2009. When we launched here, we were one of the first truly social enterprises of this type in the country.

Working with Australian entrepreneurs such as Creel Price, Alicen Spencer and Tony Harris and with huge support from a team at GroupM, One became established in Australia. Find out more about our fabulous heroes on our Supporters page