Channel Swimming to raise funds for One Water Australia

Hopefully we can very soon add the names of Alistair Newmarch and Wayne Arthur to the list of successful Cross English Cross English Channel Swimmers. The two Bondi locals leave very soon for the UK and hope to be able to complete the swim around mid-August.

The Cross-English Channel Swim is not an easy challenge. Far from that. The success rate (ratio of attempts to successes) is only about 40%.

Wayne Arthur and Alistair Newmarch show their swimming briefs on the beach

Preparing for the Cross-English Channels Swim involves hours and hours of training. On their Facebook page, Ali and Wayne provide some information on their training routine. They write that it included amongst others 92 (!) weeks of 5 to 6 training sessions a week and non-stop 5am wake ups.

Because the water will be very cold (an average of 14-16 degrees), they also had to work hard on increasing their body fat percentage. So far they’ve gained both about 15% of their average body weights.

So why do we like Ali and Wayne so much? We admire them for their dedication and hard work but most of all for choosing One Water Australia as their charity. Ali and Wayne are working very hard to raise funds for us. Their goal is to raise $20.000.

We ask everyone to support Ali and Wayne. Please visit the Ali and Wayne GoFundRaise page and provide communities in Cambodia with clean, drinking water and a better future.

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