The One Foundation Australia changes the lives of 64,000 people in Cambodia

We have just received an update on our work in Cambodia from our FY11/12 implementation partner Oxfam Australia. Below is an overview of the main achievements. We are very proud to say there are many!

The contribution of The One Foundation Australia has benefited 20 villages in Takeo province and 51 villages in Kratie province in rural Cambodia. The total number of beneficiaries from the programme is 64,000.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to everyone who made this possible:

  • All those shoppers who have bought a bottle of One Water, whether that is from Woolworths or your favourite local shop or coffee shop
  • Those of you in schools which now stock One Water
  • Event organisers such as The Entourage who sold water at their event recently
  • Everyone who raised funds for The One Foundation Australia
  • Our fantastic brand ambassador James O’Connor and his agency Octagon
  • And of course our corporate supporters. We especially want to mention Woolworths and Mindshare

Here are the projects which the One Australia community has contributed to in partnership with Oxfam Australia:

Water provision:

  • 3 wells constructed in Kratie Province in Sras, Trieb and Tongsaong Tleak (2)
  • 7 wells constructed in Takeo Province in Dongphuas, Samrong, Pun Tong, Se They, Donpheu, Tropeang Snor and Prey Rumpeak
  • Selection and training of Water User Groups for those communities;
  • 6 Women WASH Platforms received small grants for water project activities.

Water & hygiene safety:

  • Training in water testing for staff and purchase of Delagua kit to give community reps ownership of testing water safety themselves;
  • PHAST training for staff and 7 Government Counterparts. PHAST training for hygiene promoters in 40 villages;
  • 6 ‘Women WASH’ Platforms were awarded small grants for water project activities;
  • The prizes for a ‘hygiene drawing contest’ were awarded to the winners. 7,000 notebooks with key hygiene messages have now been distributed.

If you have any questions or if you have feedback please come over to our Facebook page or leave a reply below. We’d love to hear from you!


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