A Mother’s Day tale about a mother and clean water

This is the tale of a mother who cared very much for her children and worked very hard to give them a better future.

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The only problem was that she lived in a small village with no access to clean water. The village was located in a very poor region and the government did not have the money to provide for clean water for all the people in the country.

The people could not be as productive as they would like to be. Because of water related diseases they often fell ill and could not go to work and children missed out on school.

It took the mother many hours every week to fetch her family’s water.  With the other household chores, this left her very little time to do other productive work or generate an additional income for the family.

One beautiful night, the mother dreamt of having running water in her house. In her dream the kitchen and the bathroom were connected to running water. She could just get a glass out of the cupboard and fill it with fresh water. Her children would come home happily from school and drink a glass of cool, fresh water directly from the tap in the kitchen.

The mother dreamt about the better life her family would have with easy access to clean water.

Early in the morning the mother woke up and realized that having running water in her house had just been a dream. Daily reality kicked in and she told herself that she just had a very silly dream.  She then started boiling the water she had collected the night before from the well to give it to her children.

Unfortunately for her, she lives in a country where having access to clean water is not for everyone.

Do one good thing and help the mothers who are less fortunate than us by realizing their dream of clean flowing water.

We wish all the mums everywhere in the world a happy mother’s day.

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