Mother’s Day in Cambodia


As you probably already know, we’re funding essential water projects in Cambodia – providing clean water and water education to communities who really need it.

Recently, the One team travelled to Kratie Province in Cambodia to meet with some of those who have benefitted from our work – and the vast majority of them are mothers. We’ve found that when we help to form women’s groups to plan the work in the community, they focus on the essential basics – hygiene, clean water, education and the family.

The One team met with two women’s groups in two villages, who have applied for funding for water projects, discussed and agreed the best options for wells and water filters in their village, and meet regularly to ensure that everyone in the village is aware of the actions they need to take to stay safe from disease.


Til’s Story

One of the mothers we spoke to was Til, pictured here. Til works as a farmer in the village, volunteers as a health promoter, and has six children. Her hope for the future is to have good hygiene and for her family to be healthy. The overwhelming reason the women gave for what they do was to provide a better life for their kids. Sound familiar?

Mums all over the world, regardless of where we live it seems, are doing everything they can to help us grow, succeed and stay safe.

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